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Some frequently asked querstions.


[edit] Where can I ask questions?

Please join Google Group D-HD160XT-C to discuss / ask / answer questions on this project!

[edit] Does it work with Vista?

I honestly don't know. Try it out! My HTPC uses XP Pro.

[edit] The non-donator version does not work for me. Will the donator version do?

No. It's the same code, but without the nag-screen and the nag-banner.

[edit] How can I leave the display tab?

Click at the lower right edge to go back to the status tab.

[edit] There are no temperature readings

D-HD160XT-C could not connect to the HD160XT thru COM3 (or SpeedFan is no running).

[edit] How can I get this remote control to work?

Copy "IrTrans hd160xt.xml" (distributed with D-HD160XT-C) to MediaPortal / InputDeviceMappings / defaults, and customize the mapping in the MediaPortal configuration. Note that the "warp" key is abused to toggle the display mirror on/off.

[edit] Can I start/close/kill MediaPortal with my remote control?

Yes, you can. You have to configure it in the Settings > RC Home tab. Look at the docs for details!

[edit] Why is "power" RC bad?

At the current time, there is a bug in MediaPortal that forces a critical hibernate or standby when MediaPortal receives a "power" RC. This is bad practice and could lead to unexpected behaviour.

So, better, let D-HD160XT-C hibernate or standby since it does not set the critical flag.

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