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Here we go with the features. For details check out the detailed documentation.


[edit] Replacement

D-HD160XT-C replaces the default software (ZINI). You cannot run both at the same time!

[edit] Temperature Monitoring

The HD160XT comes with two sensors. D-HD160XT-C monitors the temperature sensors.

Moreover, if you have got SpeedFan running, D-HD160XT-C also monitors the temperatures that SpeedFan monitors. D-HD160XT-C does not access the sensor chips itself, but uses SpeedFan's memory mapped file 'SFSharedMemory_ALM'. As of SpeedFan 4.32, D-HD160XT-C is able to fetch the temperatures from SpeedFan using this mechanism. I do not know whether this feature is available in previous or future versions of SpeedFan.

[edit] Fan Control

The two rear fans form the rear channel, whereas the side fan and the bottom fan form the front channel. You can set the speed of both channels independently from each other using temperature control ranges.

[edit] Remote Control

The key events issued by the remote control are translated to IRTrans commands. D-HD160XT-C set ups a TCP/IP socket server that issues the commands thru TCP/IP.

Roughly speaking, every client application that understands IRTrans TCP/IP protocol should be able to handle the key events. This is true for MediaPortal

[edit] Display Mirroring

D-HD160XT-C is able to mirror the contents of your display, e.g. when D-HD160XT-C runs on the touchscreen and you've got a second display (e.g. TV), D-HD160XT-C can mirror the contens of the second display on the touchscreen. Click-events on the touchscreen are translated to click events on the second display.

This works for MediaPortal since MediaPortal uses VMR9 to mix video playback with its frontend. However, it may be possible that when using other media center software, you get only a black rectangle where the video should be.

At the moment, this is a rather unstable feature since the mirrored display flickers a lot when something fancy is going on (video playback, overlays). Moreover, the click translator is not very sophisticated right now.

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