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You've got the Zalman HD160XT, and you want a replacement for the default software (ZINI) that comes with it to control the fans and handle the remote control? Then my 'HD160XT Control' (let's call it D-HD160XT-C) may be just right for you.

Actually, I wrote this programme only for my very own needs. However, I posted in the MediaPortal forums about this. As a result of this, a lot of users were asking for this programme. There seems to be a great need... So, I am going to share it with you!

[edit] Discussion Group

Please join Google Group D-HD160XT-C to discuss / ask / answer questions on this project!

[edit] Warning

I had to figure out how to communicate with the remote control, the fans, and the temperature sensors. So I sniffed the communcation. However, I am not sure whether I got everything alright. Thus, let me issue the following warning:

The programme D-HD160XT-C (Daniel's HD160XT Control) interfers the dataflow with the hardware of the HD160XT case. It is not clear whether all commands are performed and used correctly since there is not any documentation provided by the maker of the case for the hardware interface for the fan controllers, temperature sensors or remote control sensor. Therefore, it cannot be ruled out that using this programme the hardware of your computer or other software will be damaged or destroyed. Thus, you are using this program on your own risk.

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